Monday, July 18, 2011

The last one..

And so I saw the movie.. After waiting patiently for about an year,when finally I was about to get my wish, I almost wished I didnt. Because watching the last installment marked the end of an era. I wished I could delay this as long as possible. Somehow it would mean I could have something to look forward to. Anyways, I watched the movie. And instantly thanked God for doing so. Because the movie is just like the other ones. It kind of dabbles through the entire book. Browses through the important portions and barely touches some vital ones. An out and out irritating entity for those who are truly in love with the magical world. But i daresay it would be a treat for the shallow fanatics who think one can read all the books in a month's time and know everything. Ha.

To even be able to get a glimpse of what it is really is like, one has to grow with the books. I remember the sweet sour experience of waiting for the next book. The joy of reading it and then the realizations one had through the numerous re-readings. Thank you J.K. Rowling, for giving us a magical childhood. Thank you.

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ravi said...

i kinda envy you for that :) i always postponed watching the movies for reading the books .. and ended up doing neither :)
i even went through a phase when i felt too old for magic books :)

reading your post made me feel i missed something :)