Wednesday, September 05, 2012

How to prepare for an accidental time travel in the past

Of course, the useful of all this depends on the time where (when ?) one ends up landing in.

Helpful skills:

  • ·         Excellent physical fitness
  • ·         Ability to run quickly, jump without hesitation and climb rocks and trees
  • ·         Immunity good enough to survive without soap/ disinfectant
  • ·         Basic knowledge of hand to hand combat
  • ·         Enough common sense to build basic tools and weapons
  • ·         Idea of what plants/roots/seeds/fruits are edible
  • ·         Some basic skill that you can use for mingling in a community, like pottery, sewing, farming, accountancy etc. (providing that you encounter any human colonies at all)


Abhijit Bhave said...

I thought I am not prepared for the future.
Now it seems that I am not prepared for the past either.

Hmmm. .

Madhu said...

But you are always prepared for the present.
When you are prepared for the past, we would call you "Kal"jeet Bhave.

Raghu said...

Of the 7 odd skills required for a time traveler, the common sense is ranked at 5th place. Rightly so, because the common sense is so uncommon these days. Keeping it at 1st place, would be risky.

Abhijit Bhave said...

Kaljeet Bhave .. hmm, i wonder if it sounds cooler ? :-)