Thursday, February 07, 2013


So, it has been really long and yada yada..

I "took care" of a pigeon the other day. "took care" not in the traditional sense or the lovely mobster sense.

Poor bird had somehow managed to enter our bathroom (maybe through the exhaust) and single-handedly (wingedly??) managed to wreck all of it. By the time it was discovered (when I reached home) i guess it had already spent all its precious birdie energy and was cowering over the geyser like an innocent lamb. Innocent or not, the bird sure was stupid. Trust me, I had to practically poke it with a broom to get out. "bird brain" is very very apt.

Anyways, now that the weather is getting better (finally!) the ambient happiness quotient has gone up significantly. Now we can begin with the great shopping marathon. Yay..

So time flies, some things change, most remain the same. We grow up, not realizing it a little bit. We struggle with some changes and we resist others. And we look forward to some. But most of the times we are really really clueless about the real meaning of any of this. In fact, the less we ponder over things, the more we truly enjoy them. But we think and we plan. And then we see that planning is a little futile. It just gives you some temporary peace of mind. So you replan. And attain some more temporary peace. Which gives us some temporary happiness. A succession of which turns into long term happiness. So we should keep on planning. Even knowing that its futile. Because not planning means giving up on life. And thats just stupid.


Abhijit Bhave said...

Sahi jawaaabb ! A new post !!

ravi said...

See I always loved planning :) Following up not so much :) I love posts of this kind !!