Friday, December 13, 2013

The "It" girls

I like to think that I have seen my fair share of the world. Been and seen plenty of places, situations etc etc. obviously these places, people and situations have taught me a lot. Well, one of these is the lesson that I will never be one of the "cool" girls - the hip and happening ones. This is not really news for me. But somehow it never fails to bother me.  I am almost thirty and a mother now, and yet the kindergarten memories just come back like yesterday when I wasn't invited to be a "gang member" because I was too dark. I have enough maturity now to know that I am better off being with real people but it seems I need more.

Anyways, so this was part one of my resolution to be a little more open, a little more vulnerable. God, it feels good. :)

On another note, phase 2 of ML is about to begin..yay.. I still have to pack, should start making list now.


ravi said...

If I was in your kindergarten I would have definitely had you in my gang. But then I clearly remember I did not hang out with girls back then :)
So If I was a girl and in your kindergarten maybe ..

tushar rai said...
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tushar rai said...

@Ravi *beaming smile followed by a laugh*

Don't have words for this disclosure Madhu, but i like it.

Madhu said...

@ Ravi: I wish you were in my kindergarten too. It would have been fun.

@ Tushar: thank you :)