Friday, February 14, 2014


Every place has a palatte of its own. The shade and hue of the trees, earth, sky, grass and even the sunlight is distinct everywhere. So much so that just a glimpse is enough to reveal the place to the trained eye. And not just nature, even man made establishments are often colour coded. On a separate note, have you ever noticed how village folk are so fearlessly colourful - in the choices of their garb as well as walls.
Anyways, so this place here has one of the most exciting aquamarine palettes i have seen. Its a shame i am unable to soak up more while i am here.

My plans of doing something productive with my time have failed royally. I mean apart from taking care of bubs, i really dont do much all day. Not that it is easy though. Now that bubs wants to *walk* all the time, its literally back breaking job for us. Not complaining though, a smile, giggle or grin makes it all worth - many times over.

And yes, i did turn 30 last week. It felt a little stupid actually. I was waiting for some profound wisdom to grace me but nothing. Thankfully my search for any wrinkles on my face yielded zilch results as well :-) . Television and beauty magazines tell me i should start using anti aging products. But i dont really want to.


Abhijit Bhave said...

Itna color kee batein.. photos dikhaiyein!!

Abhijit Bhave said...
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