Monday, October 20, 2014

The (not so) Jaunty Saunter of Monty Panther

Once upon a time there was a little baby panther named Monty. Monty was a good baby who loved to play with his father - papa panther and mother - mama panther.

One bright Sunday morning papa panther had a brilliant idea. He said, “Monty, let’s go for an adventure”. So they went to the local cafĂ© and tried to order a cappuccino. Like all adventures go, this was pretty difficult. Understandably, it is indeed difficult to hold the attention of the barista when he is shaking so hard with fear. And then, the adventure proved particularly challenging for Monty and his father because they did not know how to speak English. All they managed were a few growls, which were mistaken as a prelude to pouncing by the barista (as well as a few customers). One gentleman started making very weird noises. All this hullabaloo started making Monty very upset.

Disheartened, Monty and his father came back and had a hot chocolate at home. It was not a very jaunty day. 

And caffeine is not really recommended for kids anyway.


Abhijit Bhave said...

Talking literally .. They should have tried to order some deer spiced latte or something ...

Raghu said...

Natural food habits are by far the best.

Monty Panther and papa panther should have stayed at home and enjoyed what mama panther had to offer at home.