Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Not about ants

When I was young (younger??) we used to read. And by "we", i mean everybody, all the children. Even the non-studious ones had a collection of comics (case in point - my hubs. And if "T" is all grown up and is reading this blog, "beta, your father loves books. Bahut padhai karte the school mein. Aur college mein bhi. Sacchi.") My point is books were a very important part of our childhood. I wish my baby to fall in love with books too. Its a very rewarding relationship.


Raghu said...
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Raghu said...

Engage "T" and tell him stories, read in front of him, create an environment of exploration through pages and piles of books aka the world of knowledge.

An insatiable desire to explore more, and more, and MORE will soon be visible.