Saturday, June 30, 2007

A new begining

well, not new actually.. Its been almost a week now.
But boy oh boy.. what a week it was !
I am not going to reveal much but we hardly had anytime to sleep. in fact I slept for just 10 hours in 5 nights....
Classes start on monday. As it appears to me, we'll have to slog and then slog some more.. And thats probably an underestimate. haha....

MDI rocks.. truely..

The campus is like really beautiful and GREEN.. :) Hostel is good, clean and the mess food is palatable. I still have to see the libraray closely, but it looks good from the outside.
The college is pretty stringent about the studies and that is good..
We got our books today.. looks like we are going for a dual degree - HR + Body Building..

I still havent realized that I am once again a college girl..

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