Monday, June 04, 2007

Wisdom comes with a price

That is the lesson I learnt last week. In fact whole of last week. I kept writhing in pain. (Please notice that although the pain was too much to bear, I was still not "crying" with pain. Crying needs one to open the mouth ! ) All the while consoling myself that I was , in fact somehow getting wiser. I was growing wisdom teeth. Well, a single tooth in fact.

Growing teeth is indeed a painful process. The right half of my jaw is still numb. I am afraid my smile might become lopsided.
I wonder how babies endure this pain with just a bunch of plastic keys to chew on. Here I am, all of 23 years under my belt, and all I could think of while in pain was mmmm well.. about no pain. :)
And why are they called "Wisdom teeth" ? Did I get any wiser? I still cant recall the multiplication tables beyond 14, the capital or Borneo, or the names of 21 (isnt it 22 ? ) amino acids. Its like to pacify aching grown ups with the lure.. Yeah you have the pain. But dont fret.. You are getting wiser !

grumble ..

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ravi said...

hey madhu ...

reading your blog today.
and happy.

didnt feel like working.
and the movie i am going to watch today starts at 2 'o clock."the blue umbrella"

and i am going to read all of it today.and i am going to write lots of comments. :)

i got my last wisdom tooth last year. everyone said nothing changed.
maybe just being in pain constantly is supposed to make you wiser. maybe ...