Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Honour the hours

Just one week and the classes are in full swing already..
Assignments, submissions, group studies.....

Its so funny how one tends to forget the bad/unpleasant experiences of the past.. Looking back to my grad days, i just remember bunking classes, canteen, the umpteenth cup of tea to stay awake in those few classes which somehow i didnt manage to bunk.. But I must have studied atleast sometimes.... (I have got the marks to vouch for that)

And still this time, i dont want to forget all this slogging that we are going through right now.. I think it is unfair!!

"I hereby declare to remember and honour the hours that i spend during the next 2 years.



A pagal's perspective..... said...

mam u need to advertise it a lil.
you got a real talent

A pagal's perspective..... said...

dont be too alarmed i ws jus tryin a new name didnt know wht to do...neways it is ajit