Thursday, May 24, 2007


I was forced to write a haiku today.
This is what i could come up

Summer is here,
hot and sweaty.
but oohh ... a cuckoo !
melodious summer .

Yeah I know the number of syllables are all wrong. Technically it is not even a haiku. But who's judging? Moreover Haiku is already democratic enough to use free verse, so why the restriction on number of syllables..

Actually my preoccupation with singing cuckoos comes from the early morning surprise that i got from papa today. He is in Assam to attend some meeting. He called me in the morning to let me listen to the cuckoo. Wow. :) It was the first cuckoo song of the season for me. Ah.. I suddenly remembered what all I am missing. :|
Damn you Gurgaon.

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