Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The chill drill

The chill is decreasing now
No more pretend smoke rings.
No more dressing up in 3 kg of clothes.
No more shivering while touching water in the morning(the afternoon and night...).
The fog is here to stay though....(thank you smoke and tiny dirt pollutants for that :) )

This one was(is?) my first winter in Delhi. I had heard a lot of things about the famed "delhi ki sardi"..Cant say i was dissappointed.

My childhood was spent in Ahmedabad..Winters are very cozy there.. I dont remember wearing more than one sweater ever..We used to sit out in the veranda in the sun just for the sake of it.. Ahh.. how i loved those winter breaks back then...Mom usually used to be busy with one sweater or another.The half yearly exams just over.. (no studies !!).not a worry in the world..... It was beautiful.
The winter here(and now) is totally different. Its so damn foggy with the sun plays truant almost all the time. Even after the umpteenth cup of tea laden with the quintessential 'adrak' and 'pepper powder'(yes..black pepper) my neck hurts(the chill factor) and my tummy aches(too much pepper...).
Its not that I am complaining.... There are brighter sides too.. But I just cant remember them right now.
I have spent some time in Assam too.. The winters there were terrible.. It was almost always raining.. And so much wind.... The rickety windows of my classroom did not provide much protection... The only respite was the picturesque scenery.. The roadsides were queued with trees laden with red(tesu) and white(palash) flowers.. There were those jumbo 'semul' flowers too which the school kids used to throw at each other..
During my college days spent in Jaipur winters meant only one thing..."missing the first lecture" :).. Its quite understandable too. The LPG water heater installed in our girls hostel was prone to break down almost every other day.. With no warm water and so little time , it was impossible to reach on time. And then what about the time needed to gulp down the glass of "chai" and the plate of "poha" from the canteen..
I can go on and on with these stupid memories.....A friend of mine asked me recently that how was it to have so many memories.... I didnt know what to say. I guess I dont have more memories than anybody else.. Its just that i choose to share them.

And it makes me very happy.

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neha said...

Baatein bhool jati hai yaadein yaad aati hai .. yeh yaadein.. After reading this I am in dreams(sitting with my mom,College canteen,chai).