Monday, October 20, 2008

Eye Tonics

It is hilarious the way that Indians behave in presence of foreigners. Specially if they are caucasians.

And more so if they are in India.. 

However, this particular blog does not cover reasons/repercussions of this trait of ours. Would do so in another post. In detail :D

Today I am going to talk about the so called eye-tonics currently on campus. Scientists have found out that when you see a person from a foreign race, the "danger/flee" part of your brain lights up as the first reaction. The signal for "no danger" comes a bit later. 

That does not explain anything at all. Anyways, the point that I wanted to make was, after a while the eye tonics lose their charm. 

You become used to them, see their flaws.. and suddenly they are not awesome anymore.

Hmm.. I liked things the way they were earlier. 
There was some motivation to attend classes :P

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