Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Of lists and lovelies

I have nothing on my agenda today.. well a couple of things which wont take more than 2 hours.. So today is a breather. And I dont know what to do now.

Tushi always says that I like making lists. Well I do. And thats it.. I just love making lists. I dont always follow them :)

I had a good morning. Talked to a couple of old friends. It feels great to have even a couple of words - a hello. You know, with some people how it doesnt matter how long you have not talked? The connection you have with them is so strong that it does not need periodic doses of communication. 
Its a bit like unconditional love - Unconditional friendship.

You just know, you dont have to say it. 

Well here's to you my lovelies - my people

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