Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dancing queen.. err.. kings..

Watching guys dance is fun. I mean a real treat to the eyes..
They are so full of energy.. it wonderful.

Come to think of it.. My first crush.. was Nick.. from the Backstreet boys (yeah :| )
And it happend because of that stupidest song and the stupidest dance sequence.. You are my fire indeed.. :(

hmm.. Anyways.. the pattern didnt change much with time. One of my earliest crushes in college was a senior(initials R.S ;) ) .. Ohh he danced so well. It was awesome to watch him dancing on stage. He would never practice beforehand. And he looked absolute cutie glancing around and copying the steps.. right on the stage!! In competitions. :D [got over this crush really fast. Ran into him in the department.. not so much fun off stage ;) ]

and then.. there was the camaraderie party. saw ksh dancing.  I thought ohh wow.. what cool steps.. hehe.. Later on I found out those were the only ones he knew.. lols.. 

ok ok lets not move away fro the topic.. dancing guys.. hmm.. Have you seen those russian people jumping and twirling, or those tap dancers, or that supra awesome guy in that havana video.. In my next birth, I want to be reincarnated as a guy who dances. 

And yes.. 
Finally a choreographed dance on stage.. after almost 3 years :D 
And I still have 2 left feet.. hehehe

Lets see how it goes.. Will try to get the video. 

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