Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To .. or not to ..

Every girl, regardless of occupation, interests or age, once in a while, behaves as the stereotyped girl. And enjoys it immensely. 

Yes.. M thinking of a haircut again. I vaguely remember myself declaring sometime ago that i wanted long hair.. Well.. the memory is pretty vague.. so :)

Well.. this is the regular kind of dilemma that comes every now and then. The other big question in front of me is pretty big. 
You see, I have always wanted to pierce my ears. Again I mean, so that i have two piercings in every ear. Since I have such a stupid small face, I guess a two studs would look better.

But being the idiota chui mui kind of girl that I am, I can never muster up the courage to actually take the plunge. Once, along with a friend, I even went to the piercing place(That tiny shop at MG Road with wonderful silver stuff) . But couldnt bring myself to cross the threshold. 

I dont think the plan is gonna succeed even this time. But then.. fantasizing never hurt anybody..


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