Friday, December 05, 2008


Post exams emptiness.. Lots of work to do. But the momentum's missing :|
The new term begins on Monday. Doesn't feel so though. I still have to clear out last term's notes from my folder. I think I am going to stick to my loose pages notes practice. Feels grown up. yeah right.. I know I border on being totally nuts..

Watched a really stupid movie yesterday. Surprisingly enjoyed it. Not bad for a 4.6 on IMDB. And that is the first time I ever liked high cheek bones on a guy. He looked great. I guess that's where the business suit wearing semi-mobster look originated. :)

And yes.. we have almost dropped the idea for now. Arpita said it pains more in winters. So, later.. I gave it a lot of thought and found that I am not even sure I am going to like it. I guess I just want some change.. hehe.  But for now,  no piercings.. 

The decision to not go out for dinner was a conscious one. I know they are innocent. But, I just couldn't think of a reason to go. Tath is different. I know her. That's not the case here. I cant stand indifference anymore.

Daily ritual now: Pick up the newspaper, get even more angry and frustrated, throw it away.

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