Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Homesick :(

Another Christmas approaching.. With the Happy New Year not so far ahead. 
New Year eves hav always been special for me.. 

All four of us sitting together, cooking, eating, talking, laughing.. Enjoying the togetherness.. 
Wonderful experience. Sacrosanct. 
I used to shut out everybody else.. No calls taken, none made. 
yeah .. not even B'day wishes :)
And I dont regret that at all. 

Sadly I wont be that lucky this year.. :| 
Dont know what to do..
Damn it. Last time it happend I was in final year of college.. and we made it up with celebrating it later.

Anyways.. I was thinking of a new year wishlist.. Will keep on adding items to it.. 

1. Please make this slowdown go away.
2. A little peace. No attacks. (or wars)
3. ..

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