Monday, March 02, 2009

The day I almost missed the daliya

The first word I uttered today was.. Sh*t

I was late for breakfast and did not want to miss the last day of Daliya in the mess.. 
(Luckily I didnt hav to miss it. :D) 

The day seemed to be suffering from an identity crisis. It began as a monday(got very very very very pleasant surprise) but then lost its zing. I spent a good part of the afternoon sleeping and feeling guilty about it at the same time.

The evening was lost somewhere between a longish bath and getting stuff from DC++. 

I am still feeling a bit lost. Sleeping in the afternoon has this effect on me. I like what the spanish call it - a siesta. The word sounds pretty.. doesnt it. :)

Finished an Agatha Christie today. It must hav been years since I had last read one of those. They used to be my regular companions in my teens. (Damn I am old now)

The weekend was a breeze. A very busy breeze though. But we did manage to finish most of the work.. so gud..

And yes.. enjoyed a good doze of ice cream. Almost for the first time here. 

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