Sunday, March 22, 2009

Title less 1

Fact: The difficulty level of writing a blog increases exponentially as a function of the time since your last post.

Last six days are a blur now. Doesnt mean anything since my short time memory is really bad anyways. ;)

We went to this wildlife reserve this weekend. Now, I have always known that I love jungles. But this was my every jungle dream mixed into one. We rode(?) a motorized canoe sort of boat to the place. Then hiked, climbed, walked, waded,...
(Its too tough for me to describe it. I give up)
The best part was the stream. It was a lovely little meandering stream that led to a lovely little waterfall hidden deep in the jungle. We had to walk in the stream to reach there. And i could see little fishes right there in the water I was walking in. Thankfully I didnt spot any snakes. It was awesome.
There was also a pretty frightening climb. I hate heights. i am totally acrophobic. It was my worst nightmare come true. A watchtower some 50 meters high. I could feel it shaking. Believe me, I got myself out of that place as soon as possible. And I swear I could feel my legs shaking hours later.
It rained while we were coming back. Imagine a canoe with a motor and rain. It was awesome!! (the funny thing was that mom couldnt even berate me for getting soaked :D :D :D)

I have quite settled down here now. I have a routine which involves having fun, doing anything I want(which involves a lot of things) and watching sitcoms(Finished House. Why do I like watching that arrogant man?)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love grocery shopping. The thrill I feel when I find myself in a superstore almost equals to that I feel in a hardware store. Got a lot of things today. Am going to master the art of making cakes. That is my agenda for the next week.


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Ritesh said...

I too face this fact ... Always !!