Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The girl with a stiff neck

(who also sneezes a lot)

That time of the year again.. wonderful breeze, air full of pollens.. and madhu on a sneezing spree..

Sprained my neck from sneezing yesterday ( yeah there is such a thing.  You CAN develop a stiff neck and shoulders from sneezing too hard).. The result being that I am unable to turn my neck in any direction. Its really funny though.. I turn my whole torso to talk to people.. Its like I am a puppet with the neck joint seealed stiff with too much glue. ( really bad simile.. oops i mean metaphor)

So now that I am confined to the room.. I decided to work on the pics I already had from yesterday. I need photoshop badly. I hav been searching for the sw ever since I formatted the lappie. Still havnt managed to find it.

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