Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunset and rainbows

Another week came and gone.. Just like that. I cant understand how time is just flying here.
Gave the pool a miss and went to the beach today.

It was lovely..

Saw a wonderful phenomena today.. Take a look at the picture below. See that faint rainbow..
It was like a rainbow cloud over there.. I guess it was just a chunk of the rainbow and the rest was hidden by cluds. But it was amazing.

Among all the kinds of landscaping Lord does, i love beaches the best. You have the breeze, the sound of waves.. ervything is just perfect...


Surbhi said...

WOW!!! Some sight that must have been! Awesome photography, Madhu! Thanks for sharing these lovely spectacles with all of your readers. (((hugs)))
BTW, those shoes are very similar to my old 'uns! :)

athiran said...

just somehow i'm thinkin of the laura marling song

you crawled out of the sea..

Abhijit Bhave said...

ah... i remember those Pink Nike Shoes that you have!!

And yes.. noticed the Rainbow too..!!