Sunday, April 12, 2009

This sickening business of lurrvve...

Sickeningly sweet that is..

Came across these cute sketches [from this site ]

They are so sweet.. I think I will diabetes from sweetness overdose.. M actually hooked to them..
And came across another miracle of God..
My 2 year old neighbour who does not eat chocolate..
Now who has heard of that!!!


Surbhi said...
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Surbhi said...

No. 1: Huh?
No. 2: Yikes! No like!
No. 3: Errr... That was plain wierd!
No. 4: LOL... Now this one I like. Cute, but could be better if the yellow one didn't cry!

Will visit this site and go thru the other collections too.

About the li'l kiddo who doesn't eat chocolate, I know my friends who don't but this kid is a first! When I was a child, I ate nothing else!

gi. said...

the cartoon's really sweet :)

just watching your blog after days.
the sunset. bicycle and the beach.
am sure you are in love with yourself.
and Douglas Adams :)

love u