Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A breathful of memories

It is a well known fact that I have lousy memory. I can hardly remember useful facts or occurances and frequently forget people's names.

The same is not true for my nose =0

Scents have always been associated with my memories. And not just factual memories, but memories complete with a feelings and sentiments.

It comes in really handy at times. Like no matter how depressed I am, a whiff off an old book takes me back to my old school library and momentarily to the carefree life I had as a kid (It is a separate matter that it also sends me to a sneezing spree as I am severely allergic to old book mold :D :D)

The neighborhood Saptaparni has blossomed.

I know very few trees (Rajnigandha, mogra(grows in shrubs, not tree).. ) who blossom at night. And with such heady mesmerizing enthralling fragrance.

A whiff of it is enough to indicate that winters are approaching and it is time to start airing the blankets.

More importantly - Diwali is here. :D :D

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