Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For some inexplicable reason K believes that among the two of us, I am the more wierd one.
I claim otherwise. I do not take offence when called unique or different. But wierd?? No. I mean, wierd is a cow wearing yellow business suit and dancing to the beats of thriller.

So anyways, as a result, every now and then, the issue of ownership of the TV remote finds a companion in this all important issue of "who is wierder" and I guess our neighbours don their ear plugs.


Abhijit Bhave said...

You are the more weird one,without a doubt. And because you are a girl, the argument should not have originated in the first place.
Girls are weird... specially the ones which like the color Pink..


Madhu said...

bhave.. so that makes you a fellow member of the wierd_girls_group as well.

Right !!

Soulfull Rhytm said...

and with all this I somehow seem to rem one night in a restaurant , where "weird" was used to describe bhave and "shallow" used to describe me ......by a girl who doesnt like Batman begins because it has batman in it....

Madhu said...


@bhave and tushar

can i plead innocence on the grounds of innocence?

And yes.. I am forever thankful to gigi for that evening. She was the one who invited me to that meet. And somehow I have banana shake associated with that evening.. Why? Did Sanil order it? Was he there?

if i said this said...

madhu .. i am sure 'K' meant weird as a term of endearment :)

and i remember the evening and "cute" was used to describe me ;) i used to be shy back then i think.

and we had cocktails .. some of us had mocktails though , bhave your cue ;)

Madhu said...

mocktails :D :D now i get the link of banana shake..


my brain works in funny ways..