Wednesday, December 23, 2009

itsy bitsy beasty feasty

managed to take the afternoon off from work..
went to the doc..
and got scolded for not coming earlier..

anyways.. so since i already had the time, roamed around a little and explored the neighborhood. I really like what i saw. And there i thought you cant get anything in gurgaon :D

cooked for hubby (really rare occurrence) and managed to pull off a decent chicken curry and to top it off.. some gajar ka halwa

:D ;D

m feeling festive already


NIKs said...
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NIKs said...

Being stranger is sometimes nicer thn sm1 known...
I dont like the chicken curry part..but Gajar ka halwa sounds sweet...:)

(last one i deleted..spelling mistakes as always... :) )

if i said this said...

hmmm .. 'cooked for hubby' sounds really sweet ;)