Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let go

I got home on time yesterday (three cheers..) and managed to catch Mahabharat on TV.

For some reason, I got wondering about Karna. Now, this man was intelligent, learned, strong willed and skilled - all the characteristics of a great epic hero. Right?

Wrong.. He didnt have that one characteristic that marks the truly great ones - the power to let go, to forgive and forget.
Only one flaw, and he lived a bitter life. And died a bitter death.

Moral of the post: Its up to you, the individual, to not let the past overshadow your present. Let your life be a clean slate and live in present. That'll make life easier, for better.


Abhijit Bhave said...


I think i have the power to let go, just that i have work on the others now.. ( intelligent, learned, strong willed and skilled)


A great epic zero ??


Dev said...

Thats right. we all need to know when to forgive and move on. Because if we dont, the baggages of our non-forgiveness will pull us back and down.

Sandeep said...

:) Are Bhaiya ALL IZZ WELL :)

Ghost said...

No Body is perfect.. One can say that Even Pandavas didnt forgive Duryodhana.. But they have great GUIDE - Krishna with them.

Karana has one great quaility - Dont Leave your Friend, even in worst situations.

His life was bitter just because of his loyality..