Monday, May 12, 2014


Have you ever observed ants ? 
They are always in hurry. Always going somewhere, carrying something too large and heavy. Scurrying along in a line, following orders, following each other. 
It is mesmerizing no doubt. But after a while my curiosity turns into some kind of pity. Although it is wonderful to see them being a part of something much much bigger than each one of them. But also seems sad to wonder that these ants spend their whole lives not enjoying the fruits of their labour. Well in a way they do, like they remain safe from predators and such. But yet, working incessantly is all they do while being safe.

Is that what we do? Does the Big one see us from above and wonder why we spend our lives working like the ants? They say life has never been easier for mankind with fewer wars, better medical science and such. But is it? 

Do ants have such thoughts too? 

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