Monday, May 05, 2014

Toddle tales

Time flies.

Our little baby is officially a toddler :D
Now that he has mastered the art of walking, our days are spent playing an endless game of hide and seek. Its a game neither party gets tired of. He has also discovered that he can open and close stuff. So boxes of all sizes and shapes, tubes and water bottles have become the toy of the week. His preferences keep changing. Last week was bang everything together week. The week before that was lets-hit-papa-with-this-thingie week :)

Earlier, we had thought of recording his every action, taking snaps everyday, making a note of his every new development. Well, this particular resolve of ours has somehow slipped down in the priority list. So many cameras in the house, and yet we resort to the handy camera phones. :) Just as well.


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