Thursday, July 20, 2017

Quarter to three

Yup. Quarter to three in the afternoon - thats my most favorite time of the day. Specially on days when it has rained in the morning, but got miraculously clear afterwards.

The sun is at that perfect angle to light up the trees and leaves so that they seems greener, the sky is at its bluest, good lunch makes people happier and sleepier and a good cup of tea picks them right up.

Enough time has passed since the morning so that you can feel accomplished by all that you did that day, yet you are left with enough daylight hours to finish anything left to do.

Yes, quarter to three is the best time of the day. Today.


Abhijit Bhave said...

Haha ! I almost agree !

Raghu said...

I tried looking at dial of my wrist watch for the following two settings

"quarter to three"


"quarter past nine".

Both appear very expansive, as if the time with its two arms spread wide on the two sides, is signalling and whispering "take a break, have a cup of tea"!