Friday, May 11, 2007

My other love

Summer is here.... (Has been here for quite some time now :) )

I used to love summers because during childhood it meant freedom....yes, The Summer vacations . It used to be all play and no studies.... no homework :)

We would play sattolia and cricket as long as we wanted... and when we got home we were greeted by cool mango shakes and watermelons..

And how can i forget the beautiful flowers.. There were flaming red gulmohars, beautiful yellow amaltaas and soothing pink and white bouganvellia..

In college , we had lots of amaltaas tree around our canteen and the dispensary.. [ yeah ! MNIT can boast of that at least :) ] .

The memories are so strong that even after so many years I can feel the excitement on seeing a gulmohar in full bloom. The red sight can never fail to make me smile.. I remember promising myself that i will buy a house with gulmohan on the driveway. There is an amaltaas tree on the way to work.. Thats one saving grace that our neighbourhood has.. Thank God for that.

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