Monday, May 21, 2007

The musical me :)

Went to Noida this weekend.
Perfect lazy weekend with nothing to do except reading books, playing "Not at Home", watching movies and visiting malls. And yes, I got hooked to "Shin-Chan" (not sure of the spelling). Wonderful kid.
I also happend to watch "Sa Re Ga Ma" by chance. The kids singing were ok enough, but I didnt like the funda of having semi-popular junior judges and one very popular legendary senior judge in the panel. The whole environment wasnt as healthy as it used to be earlier.
Good music, I believe, is too pure, and to judge it so casually is a crime !
Earlier, I used to think of myself as unlucky because i havent ever been a good singer(yeah I have tried lots of times.. Even managed to win first prize in a group song. yeah group is the catch here..hehe).
But with time I came to realize that I was exteamly lucky ! There are people who dont understand or enjoy music at all. They fail to recognise the beauty of a soulful melody. The magic of music doesnt impress them.. It is those people, who are not favored by luck, not me :) .

Ahh ....I just want to listen to Zucchero, Norah, Bach..
And thats what i am gonna do.

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