Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life or something like it......

DCP : Desperate class participation
-"A shameless (most often worthless ) act of asking a question in the class to mop up marks for class participation or just to impress the professor."

ACP : After class participation (From the book Mediocre But Arrogant)
- "A subtle form of sucking up to the Professor to stroke his or her ego with the ultimate objective of gaining a good grade".

Incredible : The manner in which the book resembles our lives in MDI. (Chatto...... :O ).

A must read.

Abhijit Bhaduri is coming up with another one called "Married but Available" (MBA again). Would like to read that one too.

The only thing that i cant digest in this book is that it is set up in the 80's.... Was the world really so similar in the 80s.. I dont believe it.

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Abhijit Bhaduri said...

Hi Madhu - I did crawl into your parlour. Will wait to see your take on my second novel Married But Available - releasing tomorrow.