Sunday, July 15, 2007

Too sleepy to think


its way past mid night and here i am, trying to think about an incidence in my life when a mis communication happened. I am sure, there are hundreds (probably thousands) of such times.. But the problem is that I cant remember one right now.

And its pretty late. I want to get up on time tomorrow so that i can have tea. I havent had a decent cuppa since i came here. hmm.. thats a pretty long time. I have started having my morning cup of cold coffee now. These ppl keep cold milk. I just have to put sugar and coffee into it and gulp it in one go. And i am really thankful for that.

How else could one attend college?? One loaded spoonful of caffein works for me.

And yeah, i wanted to copy a movie from a dvd. But i dont know how to copy movies from a DVD. When i opened it, there were too many files with such ridiculous looking extensions that i hadnt ever heard of. So i am now copying every file from the dvd. Tomorrow i can ask ksh how to play them..

and yes, this weekend was(is??) a mm..... well, kshless one. Too many assignemnts to complete. And he is busy too. so :(
But its ok. Really.

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