Monday, July 30, 2007

Eye of the ......

MDI is the (THE) place for parties....
Had another one of these last saturday. A Thank You party for the seniors....

I was not about to go.. But anyways,.. i decided to go..
And I am glad i went. Not becoz the party was very nice or something.. In fact it was the ususal dance till u drop, smokey din den.. It was something else.... I noticed ppl.. (yeah thats what i do at parties.. noticing ppl)

And i was astonished how mob mentality works in a disc like environment as well. ppl were gyrating madly.. I dont know.. maybe I have to a psycho student to remark more, but i liked watching.. :)

I know it doesnt make much sense.. but hey....

Want to go to the library.... but its almost time to close :(

Listening to : Eye of the tiger..

Watched 2 movies : Mixed doubles and Music and lyrics.. Liked the second one.

hmm.. nothing else.
have to study.

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