Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Alice in the wonderland

Why does the so called non sense make so much sense to me....

From Alice in the wonderland:

`How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!

`How cheerfully he seems to grin,
How neatly spread his claws,
And welcome little fishes in
With gently smiling jaws!'

The book is one of the greatest pieces of literature ever.
The writer Lewis Carroll(January 27, 1832 – January 14, 1898) was a mathematician,logician,photographer and an author. Not many people know that "Lewis Carroll" was in fact a psedonym. His real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He had also written a sequel to "Alice in the wonderland" called "Alice through the looking glass". Several of the poems in these books, mainly recited/ sung by the characters became popular. Most noted among these are "The Jabberwocky" and "Humpty Dumpty".

Lewis Carroll attended Christ Church, a college in Oxford University. It was there that he wrote the firsst book. Many say that the characters and some locations(the small door, the rabbit hole,and the garden) are inspired by real characters and places at Christ Church. There is one shop in Oxford which sells Alice memorabilia too.

Well, according to me the book is one of the best for young readers. Not only it has a sweet and exciting story,but it makes them more imaginative also.

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