Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A day to remember??

Whats your idea of a day well spent?
How do you rate ur day..?
The number of minutes you spend laughing, the time spent sleeping(yeah it matters for some!!), the number of genuine compliments you get, number of people who made you smile, number of people whom you made smile, minutes spent talking to a friend, the number of ppl you met, a new friend made, an old enimity resolved, a good movie or just quiet time spent in thinking goodie good stuff(I spend roughly 60 minutes everyday thinking about saving the world from giant tarantulas and about my superb karate skills)....

I dont know how I do that.


Soulfull Rhytm said...

Yes.....a day to remember....
when you made people smile
with a smile .
I forgot to sing this to you....

a smiling face
a world of tear
can stop
falling of a tear
a helping hand
a little deed
a wish to please
give joy and peace...

ravi said...

reading your blog today ...
a day well spent.

and soulfull rhythm has to be tushar. :)
hai na ?