Thursday, January 18, 2007

The one with scribbler stuff

In the middle of usual antics of a regular office day I discovered some wonderful things ..(thank you tushar for that :) )

The first one is the stumble upon add on from Mozilla....its wonderful. I got two very intresting links from there today. One online radio[ ] which is a bit better than Pandora.. Plays wonderful songs..and you can choose the moods too.

The other one is even more colorful..

Its a scribble pad. You draw something.. A simple stick figure for instance...and then ask it to scribble....and watch ur stick figure develop into a sophisticated sketch(yeah.). I wonder how it was programmed..

Some of my scribblings from today..

This one came out to be good....

I really like it.

I really really like it .....:)


Soulfull Rhytm said...

Hmm.....the one with the Nature Girl's scribbling ....: )
had a peek in her past...
saw her sketching.....
i would say a day very well spent.....( and saw my name there too : ) )

nasha said...

ya, me too wonder when some ordered figure comes out, shall i call myself an artist?