Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Things I found out:

> It is possible for 9 ppl(and a driver) to get into a Tavera and have the time of their lives....
> The best moments are always unplanned.
> Dancing under the stars at mid night is more fun if u r on the road.(It might not be making sense. I know)
> It is not possible to wash off the sand from ur clothes in the sea. However it is worth the try :).
> We are much more alive than we think we are.
> I love sock puppeting. And m pretty good at it.
> Some things just cant be written about(at least by me :)).
> Heaven is where ur friends are......


joshua said...

i was one of them in the Tavera ! and i was not the driver..!! though.. on second thoughts.. i would have liked being the driver too...!! because there was a guy named Abhijit who kept offering him beers whenever he could..!! and the driver.. could sleep whenever he wanted.. and everybody else would have to wait for him...:-)

ravi said...

hey i was in the tavera too :)
i didnt want to be the driver.
i was happy because i was in the front seat ... almost all the time.
travelled in comfort with the other 8 crammed into little space.

though i always wanted to be with them ... crammed into little space with all the people i love. isnt that heaven ?
and i have a sneaking suspiscion this joshua guy is abhijit bhave.

ravi said...


ravi said...
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