Thursday, January 15, 2009

have seen better days

Never ever even in my darkest nightmares had I thought it would be like this..

Its like the gloom is in the air and weighing down our souls with every breath. Insane.. 

I cant bring myself to write, read, do anything meaningful.. funny movies dont help us anymore.
Even Sun doesnt work for long. 

Times change.. They did. And not for good. I am ready to bet anything that we are the best brains they ever had(or will have for a long time). We have everybody's word for that. 
I hope times change again. Soon.

Damn it. Why us?

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ManDevIan said...

Hey Madhulica,

Have been following up on your blog since a long time thanks to Google Reader which keeps reminding me of all the new posts that you make here.

Strange coincidence that even I wrote a post on my blog regarding the gloomy days in the recent past! :)

Newyz Congratulations 4 u knw wot!! :)

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