Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday is the fries day

Another weekend. 

And m totally vella this time. Seems unnatural. M actually at a loss, what will I do with so much time.

Got two books. Began reading this one called - Yajnaseni (pronounced as Ya-gya-se-nee). Its mahabharata from the eyes of Draupadi, also known as Panchali and Krishnaa

In mythology, women have always been wronged, cheated, treated unfairly and of course respected for going through all this. 

Sati, Ahilya, Mandodari.. 

Goddess Sita - after going through the pain of being abducted and tortured by the hands of the evil Ravana, her chastity was questioned and none other than her own husband made her go through the agnipariksha

And then there is Draupadi - The beautiful. Her birth was for a purpose - to avenge her father. The world remembers her as the woman with five husbands or worse, as the woman who caused mahabharata. 
Pause. Think for a while. Right from the begining, draupadi was the wronged one. First, she had no say in her marriage. She wasnt consulted before getting married to the five pandavas. Her husbands put her on stake, lost her and remained mute spectators while the Kauravas humiliated her. It was her love for lord Krishna which saved her, not her mighty husbands. 
And in the end, when she could not keep up the pace and fell while coing to the himalayas with her husbands, not a single one of them looked back. 

And to say she had five husbands.


Ritesh said...

Madhu ... Its not good to start your weekend ... na na !!

Pradip Bhattacharya said...

you will also find interesting my book "Pancha Kanya" (Writers Workshop, Kolkata)