Saturday, January 24, 2009

The saree day

Ohh how I love a good productive day..

Got up, did some yoga(m getting pretty regular now :) ), attended classes (all 3), went to sector 14 and then.. 

attended Uma's sis' reception.. wearing a saree..

It must have been what.. three years since i wore it last.. I really love the dress. One feels so feminine and.. decked up, even if its s simple saree.. 

Feeling nice is one thing, however managing to wear it is a different thing altogether. If somebody asks me about the decor of the place, i will be clueless because all the time I was trying really hard not to trip over on my own dress.. I am sure I caught one or two aunties eyeing me in a funny way. I felt like a spaz.. 


I want to buy one really soon.

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