Saturday, January 03, 2009

The one with all these I's

I hate it when people act like such jerks.. So self involved that you cant even see that you are being unfair.. 
And just because I hate them so much, I have decided not to be one like that. :) 
I so hope that I succeed.

And also, I have to work on my anger. I keep getting these bouts of anger from time to time. And it takes a while to cool down. The worst thing is that even though my stupid brain does not remember much of the relevent stuff, it does remember all the stuff that it is not supposed to. And so, the idiotic small person me keeps getting angry at old stuff.. and thats just silly.
I hope I improve.. 

I should have it as a resolution. :) haha

I am also seeking a quiet place for a while now. I think I need to meditate. Too many stray thoughts, need to calm down and breathe freely.

(p.s. I have decided to not treat 2009 as a new year.. 
I mean, I am just going to wish its better. Thats all.. otherwise I might get my hopes all high and I hate to see them crash..)

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