Thursday, August 14, 2008

Essentials and non essentials

According to MKS, Essentials are those things in life that shape your life. Like your attitude towards difficulties, work, people skills, sanity, rational, ability to love ( yes.. not everybody is able to love unconditionally), ability to trust, optimism..

And essentials are what one should focus on. Rest everything follows..

But the problem is that even though people kind of know this, seldom does anybody follow the principle.

And, I cant tell them to. You see, i am not yet fully qualified to confront people i love. I am still learning.

And yes, as i discovered recently.. The affection I have for some people is one sided. It kind of bothered me for a while.. But then.. I know my essentials..


1 comment:

Ritesh said...

I am feeling jealous of u dear ... How easily u could shape your thoughts into words ... I loved it!!