Friday, August 22, 2008

A good morning

Had breakfast in bed(got it myself of course..i guess then it doesnt qualify. does it?), with newspaper and while it was drizzling outside. Excellent combination. I love the drizzle breeze. Cool and .. foresty. hmm.. i guess it does remind me of Nazira.

In this feeling of well being, I decided to miss the class :D
Well.. one can afford such luxuries at the end of the term if your attendance is not in the threat zone.

Exams starting tomorrow. Its strange. With each term, we are getting used to exams. So much so, that the rigor(!) during exams is much less than that during regular classes. A far cry from the first term when I developed muscle cramps from stress.

Looking forward to 28th. Not even a week left now.


WAR10CK said...

hey ur exams strted now?
is ur college schedule weird or mine upside-down...
my sem's just started... yep exams are not that far... 20 days more. but still i got time.
best of luck!

Sachin Garg said...

In a room within fifty meters of yours,
I got up just in time to not be late for lunch.
PGHR lost to sec D in a cricket match today.
Cant wait to be a little more used to exams myself.
Looking forward to March 2010, when wont have to take exams any more.