Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tomato salad

Next time when you find youself with some tomatoes(either of toh-mah-to or to-meh-to), olive oil, some oregano and some pepper powder, stop doing whatever you are and follow my advice.

Slice the tomatoes in regular salad style, spray some olive oil, oregano and sprinkle salt and pepper powder..

Eat it. You wont regret..

And then, you may resume doing whatever you were doing.


WAR10CK said...

how exactly do you suggest that i spray the olive oil...???
deo container? lol (no offence- pun intended) [;)]
may be sprinkling will do right?

Madhu said...


Technology has advanced a lot since u last worked in the kitchen!!

There are oil sprays available for the calorie conscious. It uses less oil for cooking and coats the food evenly.