Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As usual, i was thinking, contemplating, analysing things totally unrelated to me.

Today, I was thinking about popular books. Now, I consider I enjoy reading two kinds of books.. or rather, i enjoy them at two levels. One are the ones which are deeper, more intense and intellectual.. In simpler words - serious fiction like say Marquez, Gibran.
The other one would be light reads like Segal, Koehlo. Lighter ones like Christie and Sheldon.
Or my childhood favorite.. yeah Enid Blyton.

Enid Blyton was voted Britain's most popular author of all times. Above Rowlings. Might be something to do with the sheer volume of books she wrote (which i loved. and still have a soft corner for), or maybe britishers do love her more. if somebody asked me, I wouldne be able to rate them. I feel its cruel. Each one of them (the list had Roald Dahl, Tolkein, Christie, Austen) is unique in their own way. Come on now, its unfair.

Yeah, so back to my musings. Thinking about Enid Blyton always makes me think about one thing - A hearty meal. And a thoroughly english one (any comments Bhave?? She never mentioned the bland fish an chips)having bacon and eggs, cup cakes, juice, sandwiches, steaks and so on.. (Might be something to do with the fact that I missed breakfast today. Was realllly hungry in the class). Think about it. Dont you remember that ? She used to mention food everywhere. And.. i m hungry again..

Food time now..

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