Sunday, February 01, 2009

Genda phool

And others..

Girl left loose on a sunday. All alone. And she's gonna make the most of it. 

Yep. Agenda for today : To turn this ordinary sunday into one of those Goddess of all-the fun girl-pamper yourself-listen to your favorite bad music at full volume-sundays..


Had a good full yum breakfast. Give me mayo any day and i lap up the food like a hungry kid. God, i love food. I love eating it, talking about it, making it and yes fantasizing about it. I have always maintained that I was born to be a food critic. Damn, I landed up in the wrong profession. Sigh..

My morning cup(mug) of coffee with newspaper.. I cant even explain how lovely it feels. Sundays cause me to finish the boring drab main paper asap and get to my favorite part - brunch. 

Well today they talked about makeup among other things(like the history of biriyani. Reminder for my next birth: Become a food critic with a good knowledge of food history).
yeah so makeup is what I read about. I was astonished by the details they got into. You know I have always thought about makeup being an intelligent art. The way you paint a picture, one has to know about shades and all.. So i think a good painter will be a good makeup artist. She will know what shade you apply where and in what quantity to make a long nose appear shorter(or whatever is in vogue thse days). The thing which scared me today was that they have separate makeup stuff for forehead, nose, and take this.. jawline.. !!

What is with people these days.. And I thought separate makeup for upper and lower eyes was the epitomy of makeup freaks.. 


Aah.. lazy sundays.. 

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