Friday, February 06, 2009

The Henna files

I have always been a s**ker for henna.. I absolutely love(crave?) the smell of henna on my hands the first thing i notice when i get up.. its heavenly..

Its one of those things which make me feel so girly :) 

That day I got a compliment(comment ?) that i looked like a girl from head to toe. Now I really dont know what to make of it. She refused to explain further.. Anyways.. I dont mind. ha

And i got these ultra comfy pair of harem pants today.. 
Had always wanted one :D. Ever since that dance in 8th std. Thats an awefully long time to have waited for something. And I also got henna put on my hands. Will post a pic when i wash it off..

Now, if you have ever seen a typical Delhi/NCR bazzar, you would know how these henna artists put up their shops right on the side walk. You sit there, near the road,with all that croud buzzing past you. Normally you become one of tthem and dont pay any attention to the croud around you. But today I did.. and suddenly all those figures in the croud became real people, with  real lives and problems. 

It was a bit disturbing.

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