Friday, February 13, 2009

The last lecture

It was a strange feeling..

I didnt know if I was happy or sad. or both?

And its our good luck that our last lecture was taken by the two best professors here. My love for both has surpassed for any other yet. Helmet says its the grey hair effect. I beg to differ. Being nice is so effortless for them. 
They are the only ones whose back to back lectures didnt scare me (and thats a lot)
I feel(and behave) like a kid in front of them..

Hmm.. khair.. 

It was the last lecture of MDI as well. We wont have to attend lectures anymore(though we have projects and assignments left)

No more attendanace issues

No more proxies

No more rushes for the last bench

No more quizzes

No more DCP and ACP

No more ppts and RG

No more sleeping in the classes

No more pretending to be taking notes and doodling instead

No more 15 minutes break when 5 people eat a single samosa

Gosh.. M going to miss classes

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